Kenneth Ingham Consulting, LLC

Why “i-pi”?

“Foo”—Somebody, Sometime.

Why do we have the domain name instead of something like The simple answer is that Kenneth thought that was boring. The domain name was registered back in the early 1990s; it was available when we got

Initially, the domain name was to be iπ. However, you can't have italics or greek letters in domain names. Not only that, you can't even see the pi in the desired domain name unless your browser supports HTML 4.0 or newer.

The next choice would be i*pi. However, * is not a legal character in domain names either.

Kenneth thought ipi would be mis-pronounced and mis-understood.

So, when Kenneth sent off the registration to get the domain, he requested However, a _ is an illegal character in domain names, so when the registration confirmation arrived, we had

All of this still leaves the question, why iπ? The answer relates to a religion Kenneth formed while an undergraduate at the University of New Mexico: The Church of the real Holy Value.

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