Kenneth Ingham Consulting, LLC

The Church of the REAL Holy Value

The REAL holy value is not one (it is not 1 either) to be taken lightly. It is a foundation upon which many great things are built. The REAL holy value is not an integer. Integers are plain; nothing truly holy is plain. There is a beauty in the REAL holy value. Its derivatives occur often in nature and they are used by humans daily throughout the civilized world (but what is the definition of ``civilized''?).

It is:

the principal square root of -1 multiplied by pi

Otherwise known as:

italic i and greek letter pi beside each other

(it could also be the negative of that value; that leads in another direction, a place we do not wish to visit right now)

Note that the derivative with respect to i (the definition of derivative taken loosely) is pi. Pi is one of the fundamental constants of nature, occurring throughout the expanding sphere of our universe. It is this constant which gives the church its unmoving support; a base from which we grow. Pi goes on forever, never repeating itself, always unique, just like the minds of those who are enlightened by the REAL holy value. Pi is not a rational number, just like those enlightened ones who know of the REAL holy value.

The derivative with respect to pi is i, otherwise known as the square root of negative one; an imaginary number. Without imagination, we are nothing. It is this part of the REAL holy value which gives its followers the potential for growth and expansion; for with imagination, anything is possible.