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“I have both worked for and worked with Ken and have found him to be among the very best IT experts I have known over a 25 year history of working in the IT field. His knowledge and expertise are second to none and his abilities with security are, in my opinion, among the best in the country. I would not hesitate to recommend Ken for any IT work that is needed, and believe that there is not a situation that he would take on that he could not master. I have know Ken for almost 20 years and have always been amazed and entirely impressed with his abilities. I believe you will be also should you choose to use him in addressing your IT needs.”—M. John Jordan, President, Innovative Technology Development LLC, September 11, 2009

Computer and network security

We have successfully helped customers with the following problems:
  • System security pre-audits and audits. If you are about to be audited for security, we can show you what the auditors are likely to find, allowing you to fix it before the audit.
  • Work with your programmers to help them use secure development techniques. Our custom and ready-to-go classes are a good start, and we can also work as a part of the development group assisting your employees in setting up secure development practices.
  • Code (especially web application) security audits. Code reviews for security are a part of “best practices”. With our experience in secure development techniques, we will work with you to focus on the areas of the code that will result in the largest losses if the system is compromised.
  • Analyze system and network architecture and advise on security issues. Are you considering upgrading and updating your network? You will be more likely to have a secure network if you work with us to ensure that security is a key requirement in the design.
  • Work with customers to help them attain HIPAA, PCI, and FERPA compliance. Failure to secure your systems can lead to civil and criminal penalties. Reduce your exposure with our help.
  • Analyze and assist with securely implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. Of special note is that as shipped, most systems leave you vulnerable to attacks that compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your phone system. Correctly using the proper standards, we can help you set up a system that interoperates properly, yet is secure.

Custom training

Our classes cover two broad areas:
System and network security
We have classes on all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC): design, coding, testing, and deployment. No matter what development model you follow (waterfall, agile techniques, etc), if you do not consider security in all parts of the SDLC, you will not have a secure system. We can help your employees understand their role in producing and running a secure system..
We have been working with Unix and open-source systems such as GNU/Linux and the variants of Berkeley Unix (BSD) since 1980. This extensive experience allows us to do a better job of explaining both why the students should care as well as why things are they way they are. Students leaving our classes always comment on how much they learned and how it will influence their day-to-day use of these systems.

We offer several styles of classes:

Instructor-led on-site
This style of class brings tee greatest benefit to the students. They learn and retain more when the instructor can interact and modify the presentation to fit the specific class needs.
Instructor-led remote
In this type of class, the instructor is interacting with the students through an audio and video link, with at least audio back to the instructor. These classes save the expenses of instructor travel, but at a cost to the class of the instructor not being as “tuned in” to the class.
Computer-based training (CBT)
We have an arrangement with a company who takes our courseware and turns it into CBT that students can go through when it suits their schedule. This more cost-effective training is good for raising awareness of issues and developing skills the students need.

System and network administration

We can help you with managing your systems and networks of systems. With our extensive background in security and system administration, we can assist with planning, implementing, deploying, and running your network. We work with servers and desktop/laptop clients. We can assist you with secure remote access solutions.
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