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“Kenneth has a great knowledge of the field of IT. He can do every level of IT tasked required, from long term planning to software installs. He has a many years of experience that make him an excellent problem solver. He provides clear instructions and guidance. He is a great source for computer/network security and developing secure software”—John Salas, September 14, 2009.

Kenneth Ingham Consulting (KIC) has worked with customers since 1990. We started by doing system and network administration on Unix, *BSD, and Linux machines. We expanded with additional people to also cover PCs and Macintoshes.

An outgrowth of the sysadmin work was securing customer networks. As a result, KIC began building custom firewalls using OpenBSD as a platform. This security work led Kenneth to get his Ph.D. in Computer Science at UNM, studying adaptive approaches to computer security with Stephanie Forrest.

Working with SkillBridge Training, Kenneth began focusing on secure software development. Along the way, he has also performed pre-audits for companies about to get a security audit, audited web applications, helped customers become PCI compliant, and worked with several major financial institutions, helping them improve web application security.

Not forgetting the roots of the company, Kenneth Ingham Consulting still does system and network administration as well.

Kenneth Ingham Consulting does little advertising. Our business spreads primarily through word-of-mouth. You can read some of the things people have said about us on every page.

Kenneth has his resume/curriculum vitae (CV) online. Information for the others associated with Kenneth Ingham Consulting is available upon request.

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