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“The instructor was great explaining concepts in different ways, so if you didn't understand it one way, you understood it another. He was also very accessible and open to all questions.”—Melissa Hogan on a class evaluation form, November 3, 2000.

“Takes you through a LOT of informmation in an orderly manner. I think the material is also arranged well.”—anonymous student on a class evaluation form, November 3, 2000.

“Lots of examples and well thought-out lab exercises”— Doug Lyle on a class evaluation form, February 23, 2001.

“Labs were good—didn't have us spinning our wheels on coding not related to what was being taught.—anonymous student on a class evaluation form, February 23, 2001.

“I like classes that do lecture and labs for the new material. It makes it a lot easier to remember what you learn.—anonymous student on a class evaluation form, November 3, 2000.

Types of classes we offer

We offer several styles of classes:

Instructor-led on-site
This style of class brings tee greatest benefit to the students. They learn and retain more when the instructor can interact and modify the presentation to fit the specific class needs.
Instructor-led remote
In this type of class, the instructor is interacting with the students through an audio and video link, with at least audio back to the instructor. These classes save the expenses of instructor travel, but at a cost to the class of the instructor not being as “tuned in” to the class.
Computer-based training (CBT)
We have an arrangement with a company who takes our courseware and turns it into CBT that students can go through when it suits their schedule. This more cost-effective training is good for raising awareness of issues and developing skills the students need.

Custom classes

We develop classes by starting with your needs and developing course materials that provide the content you require. We can either build a custom class from the existing content we have, or we can develop new content that is specific for your needs.

Security classes

We have classes on all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC): design, coding, testing, and deployment. No matter what development model you follow (waterfall, agile techniques, etc), if you do not consider security in all parts of the SDLC, you will not have a secure system. We can help your employees understand their role in producing and running a secure system..

For specific class details, see our security class list.

Linux classes

We have been working with Unix and open-source systems such as GNU/Linux and the variants of Berkeley Unix (BSD) since 1980. This extensive experience allows us to do a better job of explaining both why the students should care as well as why things are they way they are. Students leaving our classes always comment on how much they learned and how it will influence their day-to-day use of these systems.

For specific class details, see our Linux class list.

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