The Peach Fuzzer Framework 1.0

Peach is a cross-platform fuzzing framework written in Python. Peaches main goals include: short development time, code reuse, ease of use, and flexability. Peach can fuzz just about anything from .NET, COM/ActiveX, SQL, shared libraries/DLL's, network applications, web, you name it.

Peach was written while attending ph-neutral 0x7d4.


Peach.C (C/C++)
  • Readme
  • API Reference
  • Supported compilers (should work with any C compiler):
    • GCC
    • Visual Studio 6 - 2005

Peach.J (Java)


Peach.NET (Microsoft .NET Framework)

Peach.Js (JavaScript)
  • Readme
  • Example:

Peach.XPCOM (Mozilla XPCOM)

Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Michael Eddington